Our Story

A multi-award winning international film production company with offices in LA and London. Storytelling at its best.

How we tell a story to the world matters.
At Smith & Jones, we want to entertain you, excite you, rock you.
It’s as simple as that really.
We aren’t here to be Jurassic Park 3.
We aren’t here to add to the noise.
Or to do something that has been seen before.
Or throw something on the ever-growing pile of garbage.
We are not here to make just another film.
There’s plenty of companies doing that, frankly.
No, we’re here to do something much, much harder.
We’re here to deliver stories that stand out from the crowd.
We’re here to create a visual language that you can call your own.
We’re here to inspire you.
Don’t let your creativity be hostage to convention.