Coke, Reese’s, Sodastream Win The Super Bowl (Plus Maybe Jeep)

Coke won the Super Bowl yesterday. At least in terms of immediate market share increase, as the company saw a 197% increase in sales for Coke Energy Zero Sugar on Amazon.

(Oh, and Kansas City may have actually won the game.)

My wife, perhaps like some others, skipped through the big game to watch the commercials and the half-time show. Advertisers roll out the big guns for Super Bowl Sunday with innovative new ads — Jeep with Bill Murray in a Groundhog Day spin-off was perhaps the best — and consumers, apparently, respond.

E-commerce analytics platform Profitero analyzed the immediate impact of those ads on Amazon sales volume, and the initial winners are out:

  1. Coke Energy had the biggest market share increase: 197%
  2. Reese’s Take 5 sales were up 131%
  3. Sodastream sales were up 188%
  4. Pop-Tarts (chocolate flavor) jumped 104%
  5. Secret antiperspirant rose 70%

Other notables? Tide Pods sales rose 46%, and Mr. Peanut boosted Planters’ sales 35%.

“Analysis indicates these brands ran ads so successful that they spurred customers to head online to buy, and understand their eCommerce stack enough to optimize their presence on Amazon for sales during/after the game,” Profitero said.

What can brands learn from these results?

Well, apparently there are still people who watch an ad on TV and immediately, in spite of the fact that they’re also watching the biggest football game of the year, go to Amazon and buy the product.

Also, they need to avoid a “Baby Yoda moment.”

In addition, Profitero says, brands need to be ready for demand. Disney was unprepared for the Baby Yoda craze, with no product coming out for months. If you’re going to kick off demand, you should be ready to fulfill that demand. That includes optimizing your presence on Amazon or other e-commerce outlets.

“Mountain Dew made a big splash with its ‘Shining’ ad for Mountain Dew Zero but there were little selection available and ready for purchase by time of the game,” Profitero says. “Cheetos, on the other hand, had prepared well for its new launch (Cheetos Popcorn) with highly-reviewed products, good content and a well-stocked selection.”

Jeep may have had the most talked-about ad for Super Bowl. But, since you can’t (yet) buy a Jeep on Amazon … we’ll have to wait and see if Groundhog Day results in massive sales for the company.

John Koetsier Contributor
Consumer Tech 
John Koetsier is a journalist, analyst, author, and speaker.

Source: Original Forbes Post